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Party Add-ons

Pucker Powder Party Favors
It is the latest craze in Do It Yourself Candy Making known to mankind and it couldn't be simpler. Similar to Sand Art but edible!!! Your guests, young and old will delight in making and eating their own delicious sweet or sour flavored candy creations. Remember Pixie Sticks? Pucker Powder is updated, better tasting and come in re-sealable plastic straws. The Birthday Boy/Girl will receive a 34 inch Pucker Powder ON US!
12 inch Tube filled with any flavor of their choice.
$30.00/ for 12
$50.00/ for 24

Kids Meal- $5.99/child
2 slices of pizza with their choice of cheese or pepperoni and a drink (gatorade).

Fruit Tray w/ dip
Med- $29.99/10-15 people
Large- $36.99/20-25 people

Veggie Tray w/ dip
Med- $19.99/10-15 people
Large- $24.99/20-25 people

Silver Dollar Sandwich Tray
An arrangement of roast beef, turkey and ham mini sandwiches.
$24.98/15-20 people

Drinks - Mixture of bottle water, Gatorades and soda cans (coke, diet coke, pepsi or diet pepsi ONLY).
$20.00/15 people
$35.00/25 people